Nathan (nathan_dorian) wrote in uk_trans_men,

Refusal of funding.

Why does no-one else seem to experience this?

When I was 18, despite jumping through constant hoops for them for an entire year, the PCT refused to fund a referral to Charing Cross for me - stating that it was their policy to only fund people over the age of 25. (They could have told me this A YEAR EARLIER because my GP was in touch with them about me, but didn't.)

Before being refused said funding, I had my name legally changed and I was already attending college as male when I first started seeing that GP (when I was 17.)

So now I'm a patient of Dr. Curtis who I started seeing in the summer, I'm 21-years-old and have been on Nebido for 9 weeks. (Shot straight onto hormones on the second proper appointment, as my case is very clear and simple.) I've been living as male since I was 17-years-old, had my name legal for over two years, have a supportive family, etc.

So I requested for funding for a referral to Charing Cross again, in November.

Surprise surprise, I've just been informed that the PCT refused. Again.

This basically means that I will have to pay for Nebido for the rest of my life, and will have to SOMEHOW try and get the money for a mastectomy. I'm unable to get a loan, and I'm also currently medically unable to work and therefore the chances of that happening are absolutely zero.

I just-.. Ugh. I've never heard of this happening to anyone else before.

I have no idea what to do. The GP I saw last time who wrote to the PCT in November kept trying to guilt me by going on about how the PCT has to pay for life-saving cancer treatments and how they have even less money now than they did before. So why does everyone else seem to get a bloody referral around the country?

My only hope now is to wait until I move to Milton Keynes (summer, hopefully - praying) and then try again with their local PCT and hope for the best.

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