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has anyone from any EU country ever tried obtaining surgeries through the NHS while living in the UK?
i'll be staying in Scotland for the next 3 years and i'll only be allowed to get a hysto in 2/3+ years in my country, so i'd like to get it sooner if i can. i don't worry much about top surgery because i think i'll be able to afford to do it in the USA before the NHS would ever approve me. but i guess both top and hysto need the same process done, right?
i've tried looking on NHS websites but i obviously couldn't find much, if anything at all.

am i allowed by how the NHS works to be referred for surgeries in the UK if i'm an EU national? if it helps, i can prove i have been living as male for the last 2 years (i read you need a real life test in the UK)...

ETA: or if you could point me towards any website that can explain how things work... i wish there was a website for EU nationals in the UK explaining what can and cannot be done, re: trans stuff. the press for change site is awesome but it's obviously for british people and i don't know what's valid for me and what's not. :\

[The PPP trials...]

The PPP Trials

This is a epic essay comprehensive write up and review of a realistic pant stuffer and stand to pee device, including a very detailed write up of my first week using the device. This post obviously contains details about urination, so if this squicks you, don’t read it!

I meant to post this a while back, but I hope it’s still helpful to some of you guys who are looking at buying a device.

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transgender symbol
I'm new to this, so I'm rather nervous, but I was wondering if anyone had any advise on transitioning from female to genderqueer. I'm currently in the first of six years of university, so I can't do it now (they don't allow gap years) and my Mum made me promise not to do anything until after uni anyway (which I understand), but I was wondering if anyone had any basic adise that might help.
Things I was thinking of that might be useful would be what hormones everyone thinks are best and what quality of surgery (I want a bilateral salpingo oopherectomy with hysterectomy and cliteral release/metaoidioplasty, no top surgery is needed thankfully) is available on the NHS.
Thank you.


Name Change

Well I've decided that I have to legally change my name very soon due to applying to university. However my internet research is proving to be confusing.

So my questions are as follows:
1. What age do I need to be to legally change my name without my parents consent? (I'm sure I read somewhere that the law changed last year and that now you have to be 17 but I could be wrong.)
2. Out of statutory declaration and deed poll which one is "better" and what is the difference?
3. How many copies of a statutory declaration/deed poll would I need to get?
4. How easy is it to change exam certificates that have already been issued? How about ones that I haven't got yet?
5. How much is this going to cost me approx.?
6. Does anyone know of any notaries in Milton Keynes who can witness me signing it?

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Freecycle [edited to remove claimed items]

I'm freecycling some clothes, and I thought I'd post here first. Photographs are behind the cut. 1 dress shirt with barrel cuffs, 3 dress shirts with French cuffs, 1 pair trousers, 3 casual shirts, 2 casual belts, 1 suit.

All items fit approximately 40" chest, 32-34" waist. Sleeves are about 1 - 2 folds shorter than the average Medium, the body of untucked shirts and the suit jacket have also been shortened by a few inches. Inseam is Very Short -- I'm 5'2". If you're interested in something specific, let me know and I can take more detailed measurements.

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Chest Surgery NHS

hey guys,

I'm just wondering whether any of you can help me out on this one;

If you start transition privately (i'm getting hormones from Dr C) how do you (can you even??) go about switching to the NHS for chest surgery? would I just need to go to my GP and ask for a referal for chest surgery to my local GIC?? or is there more to it than that?? (and also, does anyone know the sort of waiting time I'd be looking at??)



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4.5 months post top surgery

So I'm 4.5 months post top surgery.  I had it with Mr Bristol in Cheltenham and I need to go in for another surgery as they didn't take everything the first time around (was around a DD/E and went down to perhaps a B).  Anyway so I had the surgery in March and have had pain in my ribs ever since, it doesn't seem to be going away and is only on the right hand side.  Everytime I breathe or move there is a stabbing pain in my ribs.  Is this something that I should get checked out, or am I just overreacting?
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Intro post...

Hi, I'm Richard - an intersexed Transman from London.

I'm getting my first T shot in about 6 weeks at the CX GHC.

I'm pre-everything but I've been living fulltime as a man for the last 3 years and have officially changed my name.

Anyway, I'm just introducing myself here...er...so..."Hi" again.

Any Scottish Trans Men?

I will be in bonny Scotland for a week, starting from the 14th of this month.. (i think.. will check diary)

And wondered if there were any Scots lads who fancied meeting up with me and my girlfriend for drinks/adventures?

We'll be staying in between Edinburgh and Glasgow.. But I'll be driving, so further afield is fine :D

Send me a message guys
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